business plan for film "Lola Amaria"

Independent film director Lola Amaria, the business plan for film Horizontal conflicts are rife in Indonesia recently spurred the idea to create a riot-themed movies.
Lola Amaria

"In Indonesia last still warm Tarakan case, Ampera, and FPI. That's very interesting.," Said Lola who met at Senayan City, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (05/10/2010) night.

Indonesian sexy actress is interested in the theme of "riot" after she saw the news on television about the conflicts among community groups. Unfortunately, she does not want to talk a lot about the business plan for film.Lola Amaria, Dedication to the art of film was no doubt. She's a very talented film director. Most recently, She directed the movie Minggu pagi di victoria park, a film that tells of a migrant worker in Hong Kong.


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