Trailer Teaser Film Satu Jam Saja

Trailer Teaser Film Satu Jam Saja.

Plot Movie Synopsis :
Gadis (Revalina S. Temat), Andika (Vino G. Bastian),  and Hans (Andhika Pratama). They are a true friend & each promised to keep each other but love each other. Andika gets a chance to school for college scholarship to Germany. Gadis dan Hans,The two friends went looking for him to deliver good news, but it turns out the way they get a tragedy and a host of vehicles were damaged. The rain was so heavy, Hans planned an act condemned and Gadis should accept the consequences. Andika did love her very much, until he took over that responsibility even though he had lost his future with the release of college.

Drama Film Release Date : Sept 2010
A Film Directed by Ario Rubbik .
Producers : Santy Karno.
Indonesian Film Production : Karnos Film.
Soundtrack Movie : Satu Jam Saja -kamela

Satu Jam Saja (2010) Official Movie Website :
Trailer Teaser Movie SATU JAM SAJA


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