Soundtrack Sang Pencerah Movie

Soundtrack Film Sang Pencerah  After success with the band "Nidji", now Giring tries in the field of acting. The singer song 'Shadow' is playing in the film concern the cold-handed director, Hanung Bramantyo.

The film will be circulated in theaters on 8 September 2010 was entitled 'Sang Pencerah'. This film tells about the figure of the founder Muhamadiyah, Kiai Ahmad Dahlan.

In addition to reading Al Qur'an, cutting some frizzy hair, Giring-Nidji also fill out and create a song called 'Allah Maha Suci' is a background song, Soundtrack Sang Pencerah the movie.
The making of this song is quite short. Only with the next two days, he was able to finish the song.

Initially he had no desire to fill the background of the film's songs, but once he tells the director about the song and unexpected, this song became the background for the movie , Soundtrack Film Sang Pencerah.

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