Revalina S Temat played In film Satu Jam Saja

Revalina in film Satu Jam Saja
Revalina S Temat were acting in the latest Indonesian Film 2010, entitled One Hour Only "Satu Jam Saja". In a film made by Rano Karno, leadership Karnos Films, Revalina S Temat played a character named Gadis in film Satu Jam Saja, a woman who has a strong character, rigid and spoiled by the appearance of a fashionable, stylish and comes from the middle class. The girl has a stubborn nature but have a high solidarity towards their environment.
In the which tells the story of a love triangle, she had no trouble in bringing the role. Film Satu Jam Saja tells the story of friendship of three men, between Andika (Vino G Bastian), Gadis (Revalina S Temat) and Hans (Andhika Pratama). So sincere friendship that exists between them should be tarnished by Hans on girl action, which should not be happening. Trailer film Satu Jam Saja


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