Blood OF Eagles Film will participate in Asian Film Festival

Meanwhile, in the near future,Blood OF Eagles 'Red and White II' will participate the Third Eye in Asian Film Festival.
The film festival was held in Mumbai, India on 28 October to 4 November 2010.

Blood OF Eagles Film successfully carved box office history in Indonesia.
The second movie of the trilogy, 'Red and White' was a record-breaking success in playing the most number of viewers its first week.
The film, starring Lukman Sardi is a continuation adventure featuring Amir and his army. In the film AmiR cs asked General Sudirman to destroy the air force base.

Seeing the positive response obtained 'Blood OF Eagles Film', the production house Media Desa Indonesia and Margate House Films also can't wait to release a third film 'Heart of Freedom'. The plan, the film is ready for playing in theaters in 2011.

Download Movie Blood OF Eagles trailer from youtube.


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