Soundtrack Film Dawai 2 asmara

Soundtrack Film Dawai 2 asmara - Ridho Rhoma ,Indonesia singer is back in the Indonesian music, expanded with the launch of the new single ' Dawai Asmara.
"Ridho Rhoma" 

In the song "Soundtrack Dawai 2 asmara", a story of love with Marissa Nasution Ridho must also be completed. Lagu Dawai asmara, This song is a continuing story of the video clips on two tracks from his earlier, 'Menunggu' and 'Kerinduan', He must choose between two beautiful girls, cathy sharon or Marissa Nasution.

Download Soundtrack Film Dawai 2 asmara by Ridho Rhoma  : Lagu Dawai asmara


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