Madame X Superhero The Movie - 2010

scenes madame-x the movie superhero
Madame X Superhero movie (2010) tells about trans gender in Indonesia, freedom of sexuality, plus comedy with a superhero character..
Also explained about the reasons for lifting the trans gender as the main story in  Madam x superhero The Movie because the closed mindset of Asians on this issue. And movies with themes such as these will quickly be noticed.
For story ideas in Madame X Superhero the movie, producer get a lot of input from the trans-gender.

Synopsis MadameX Superhero The Movie  - 2010 :
Who hasn't heard of Iron Man or Batman? We watch superhero films for their extraordinary powers, their
secret identities, their distinctive costumes, and ultimately, the villains they must battle. Superhero films reflect the political condition at the time. The last Iron Man film depicts the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism. It was released just before the Wall Street crash of 2008 Contrary to the stereotypical superhero, there's no
boundaries when it comes to a hero in MadameX, who represents freedom of will and expression,
promoting diversity through the power of film.
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