Film Rhoma Irama with Ridho Rhoma

Rhoma Irama with his son, Ridho Rhoma will appear in a Indonesian movie titled, "Dawai Dua Asmara", is scheduled to be released on September 2010. So.....For fans of Bang Haji Rhoma Irama, might simply want to see Rhoma Irama with Ridho Rhoma the movie soon will be answered.

Ridho Rhoma, he's acting in a movie with a beautiful model and presenter, Cathy Sharon who has been rumored to have a closeness with him.
Even two of them seriously enough to practice "ice skating" for approximately two hours to prepare one of the "scene" in the film Rhoma Irama, Dawai Dua Asmara.(2010).
Ridho Rhoma and Cathy sharon

Film Rhoma Irama Dawai 2 Asmara the movie has a certain mission and expose many sides humanitas, bringing a positive moral, and he would like to award "good thing" to indonesia.
The attraction of the song in this film like the song "Dawai Asmara", Epic romance movie with a love scenes, and humor will be the main attraction of the film Rhoma Irama.


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