A talented director, Nia Dinata will launch her latest indonesian film, Madame X. But this time, she will not be a director. This film will be directed by Lucky Suhabdari, while Nia as a producer and scriptwriter.
Nia Dinata,, Producer Madame-x the Movie

This movie's about current issues, but without the element of provocation and light and packed with fun, telling stories about superheroes, beginning with the loser then so superhero like spiderman, so madame-x is like a  feminine figure.
In her film "Film Madame X " will show the elements of martial arts and dance. Dances will also be wearing a combination of traditional Indonesian dances.

Madame-x Movie posters

Film Madame-X
Directed by : Lucky Kuswandi
Cast starring Madame-x : Aming, Shanty, Joko Anwar, Fitri Tropica.
Producers : Nia Dinata.
Indonesian Film Production: Kalyana Shira


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