Pinkan Mambo, "Selimut Berdarah"

For the first time Indonesian beautiful singer "Pinkan Mambo" live debut as a player when playing movies in the suspense thriller movie " Selimut Berdarah" K2K Productions. She dreams to follow in the footsteps Jennifer Lopez finally comes true.
"This is a new world to me, and I'm very happy to be here. This will be a professional opportunity for me next career," she said.

As a new artist in the world of acting, Pinkan was experiencing extraordinary challenges. "It was not easy," she said.

Pinkan admitted between acting and singing has a special delight. Because the film is also a dream to play."Not a problem for me if only to share the schedule to sing and play the movie.
I only follow the example of Jennifer Lopez or some artist singer who can also play movies," she said.


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