Enno lerian, a new career in film Selimut Berdarah

Enno lerian, a new career in indonesian film "Selimut Berdarah" (Bloody blanket).
Repeat past glory proved remarkably difficult. Perhaps that is felt Enno Lerian. Her career continued to swoop down like a curve decreases with growing into adulthood. World that had provided such popularity does not bring good luck again.

However, she still have an interest to try testing the return to the art of music. She never tried to make a demo sent to the labels but the result is zero.

"It's hard really, now singing in the bathroom alone," says this beautiful girl.

She now realized, perhaps the world's singing is not their land. "If God is not love anymore, we can not insist," She said when met at the thanksgiving ceremony Selimut Berdarah movie (Bloody blanket) at Planet Hollywood,Jakarta some time ago.

Looking the other way is a solution like this acting. Actually acting world is not a new world for her. Enno, since the fifth grade elementary school she had learned the art of role. "Even if there might be something I do not like the acting, it means that there are still many shortcomings and learn more for sure," said Enno Lerian. (source : Kapanlagi)


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