Enjoy dinner with Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi

Enjoy dinner with Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi.
Upon receipt of the coupon ticket votes from viewers Movies "Menculik Miyabi", the production house Maxima Pictures selected five lucky viewers.
The five men will be flown to Tokyo, Japan, to meet and enjoy dinner with Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, the main star miyabi kidnap movie.
According to "Ody Mulya Hidayat ',Maxima Pictures film producer, the idea was to attract the attention of the audience. "This is part of a promotional film, certainly expected a lot of watching. However, at the same time so people know how the hell she got it. Later that win and go there, do you, can see directly and even talking. There are also dinner,"he said.

Winners will be in Tokyo during the day and night.


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