DARAH GARUDA , Blood OF Eagles Film 2010

Darah Garuda , Blood OF Eagles Film is the second film from "trilogy, RED WHITE" which has received a standing ovation.
The film is presented by "PT Media Desa Indonesia" Hashim Djojohadikusumo owned and produced by Margate House Films, headed by Rob Allyn. And Directed by Yadi Sugandi and Conor Allyn.

Blood OF Eagles Film 2010 made on the success merah putih (red white) Films, a film made box office sensation in 2009 and watched by millions of viewers in theaters. Played at various international film festivals and film markets, including Pusan, Berlin and Cannes; saga of this war have been sold well in theaters, TV, DVD, Video Download  and other forms of copyright in over 10 countries including England, Germany, Ireland, Austria , Switzerland and  Czech Republic.

An epic and full of action thriller that occurred in Java, War of Independence in 1947, following the Blood OF Eagles a heroic group of guerilla soldiers portrayed by the brilliantly talented indonesian actors (Donny Alamsyah, winner of Best Actor for the film RED WHITE at Film Festival Bandung in 2010, with T. Rifnu Wikana, Lukman Sardi and Darius Sinathrya).

Darah Garuda Movie Trailer


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