Ahmad Albar in drama romance movie D'Love

"Ahmad Albar." This time he played in drama romance movie ,'D'Love'. He took the challenge, far from his profession as a rock singer

ahmad albar
"I was given the role of gays by the director. The first time was surprised because it portrays a gay man. Incidentally his gay character is not too heavy and not very graceful. There are no scenes that expose the same-sex sex scenes," he said.

He was playing a character named Baskara, a gay man living with adoptive children. Ahmad Albar admitted to not make any observations to deepen his character.

"I have quite a lot of communication with the director, asked a lot of my characters and learn," he said

In addition to his music hobby, Ahmad Albar also did not dismiss his longing will appear on the indonesian cinema. After a vacuum of about 20 years at last, he appeared again to be an actor in the Indonesian film industry.


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